Ends on November 30, 2018

The Tang Center offers grants in the amount of $13,000 each to up to two workshop and/or conference proposals each academic year, depending on the scale. Each workshop or conference should have an identified central problem or theme on which the papers will focus. Alternatively, the workshop/conference can be centered on a newly discovered corpus of materials or manuscripts, or on an important archaeological site, or a region.

The Tang Center encourages faculty members and scholars from peer institutions to apply, and will give preference to proposals that can yield future publications, particularly in the Tang Center’s monograph series.

The eligible expenses include travel and lodging costs of the participants, acquisition of materials, communications, and local arrangements such as taxi and meals. The fund may not be used for salary replacement, honoraria, or indirect costs.

The workshops and conferences will be held on the Columbia campus. But they will not be open to the public. The Tang Center will provide administrative assistance to setting up the workshops and conferences.

Application Requirements:

  1. Names and Contact information of Co-Organizers
  2. Workshop or Conference Title
  3. A 1500-word Proposal, including the title of workshop or Conference, names of co-organizers, description of goals or potential contributions, and a list of participants.
  4. A Workshop or Conference Budget